Pick A Color Scheme

When Your Art Rocks Your Color Scheme - Keep It Glowing!

You know when you find that perfect piece, the one that sets all your fabrics and wall tones off in a whirl of compatability.  Or maybe you started with art you love and based your entire room palette around it to harmonize in a truly art centric fashion.  Why not extend that glow way into the night with an art light to tie it all together around the clock!

Your Color Palette Fills Your Room With Evening Warmth


Cozy rooms are cozier when bathed in light washing over your art 


Coordinating Metal Finishes - An Impact on the Palette

As your art centric room comes together there are nine metal finishes to choose from for your picture lights.  When you choose the metal finishes of your lamps and art lighting take the entire palette of your room into consideration - your choices should obviously compliment the framing of the artwork itself, but you should also consider the rest of the room!  Look carefully at all the other metal finishes in your room, including the tones of your woodwork, the colors of your casements,  carpets, and even your window treatments to make the best choice of metal finishes.

Satin Brass Metal Finish on the Art Light Brings Out the Honey Colors in this Room


Check Out Our Virtual Demo Room

Learn how an art light can amplify the colors of the artwork in your home!  We've made it very simple - just follow our directions for uploading your own photo here:   Virtual Demo Room

 We even made a video that shows you how simple using this virtual tool can be - check it out!