Halogen Picture Lights

Halogen Picture Frames

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Several of our picture lamps require halogen bulbs of different types - for example the Advent picture light (APH16) takes two 20 watt G4 halogen bulbs, which give a crisp, clear, quality halogen white light.

The APH style, which looks like a Slim-Line on a curved arm, has an 8 foot ivory cord with a transformer on the plug. Its shade is 16" wide, but as the Slim-Line shade is very slender, only one inch in diameter. The lamp comes in a variety of finishes, black, satin nickel, polished brass or antique brass. After attaching the lamp to the back of your frame or to the wall behind the frame, the shade rotates to adjust perfectly to your needs and the lamp floats gracefully in the air directly where needed. The shade is wide enough to require two G4 20 watt halogen bulbs.

An entirely different style of lamp, the Advent AG line, uses a 50 watt MR16 halogen bulb. MR16 halogen light bulbs are small reflector halogen bulbs (2" diameter across the MR16 reflector). The small size of MR16 bulbs also makes them ideal for using in tight spaces. The shape of the Advent AG shade is different from any of our other lamps - it is a round shaped shade, about 3" in diameter. The Advent Gemini picture light has an 8 foot ivory cord with an in-line switch and a transformer plug. The lamp comes in black, satin brass, satin nickel or antique brass finishes and has a modern, minimalist appearance with a small footprint.

A halogen lamp uses a tungsten filament encased inside a much smaller quartz envelope (smaller than the glass of an incandescent light bulb). The envelope has to be quartz -- the envelope is so close to the filament, it would melt if it were made from glass. The gas inside the envelope is also different -- it consists of a gas from the halogen group. These gases have a very interesting property: they combine with tungsten vapor. If the temperature is high enough, the halogen gas will combine with tungsten atoms as they evaporate and redeposit them on the filament, which means the tungsten filament lasts longer. In addition, it is now possible to run the filament hotter, more light per unit of energy. Because the quartz envelope is so close to the filament, it is extremely hot compared to a normal light bulb. Interestingly, halogen bulbs should never be touched with your hands directly as this will degrade the bulbs life.