Incandescent Picture Lights

Incandescent Picture Lights

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Picture perfect pictures are often lit by incandescent bulbs. Many of our finest lamps require one or more tube-shaped incandescent T10 bulbs (not included). Perfect Picture Lights sells T10 bulbs separately at lower than market rates. Because we sell the bulbs separately when our customers add these to the price of the lamp we are still able to undercut all national competitors.

Yet another type of incandescent that many of our lamps require is called a T4 bulb. These T4 bulbs are quite small tube-shaped incandescents, and thus fit within the 1 inch diameter Slim-Line shades. All lamps that require T4 bulbs arrive at your door with the number of bulbs your particular lamp requires. We also sell extra sets of T4 bulbs, there are 4 bulbs to a set. Our smallest lamps (say a 6 inch shade) would require just one T4 bulb, but as shade length increases so do the number of T4 bulbs. For example our SL40 (Slim-Line 40" picture light) requires eight T4 bulbs. All of the T4 bulbs we provide are 15 watt bulbs.

Advice from lamp manufacturers and interior designers says that you should try to buy a picture lamp with a shade that is half the width of the image it is going to illuminate.

Incandescent accent lighting for pictures is easily sorted out in our search field, just check off incandescent under bulb type.

One of our best selling incandescent lamps is the SL21 -61 (21" Slim-Line Picture Light in Polished Brass). This lamp is a plug-in with an 8-foot ivory cord and in-line switch. A stationary 8-inch horizontal arm holds the shade out from the picture a perfect distance, and of course the shade has a set screw for rotation to adjust at the angle you wish. An additional feature is the pebbled aluminum reflector which provides a high degree of specularity and reflectivity, assuring maximum output and distribution of light. Because of the 21" shade four 15 watt T4 bulbs are required (and we send you four to get up and running right away). When bulbs need to be installed the socket tilts to allow for easy replacement. Like many of our lamps this style is available in a variety of high quality finishes: polished brass, black, white, satin brass, satin nickel, polished chrome, antique or weathered brass and oil-rubbed bronze. This lamp has a shipping weight of 6 pounds, and everyone can feel the heft of quality in its manufacture. Every aspect of its functionality speaks volumes of its high quality design and painstaking manufacture. This particular style, the SL Series Slim-Line, comes in a variety of sizes - 6", 11", 16", 21", 30" and 40". Once again, lamp manufacturers and interior designers advise that a picture lamp should be chosen with a shade that is half the width of the image it is going to illuminate.