Vintage Picture Frame Lights

Vintage Picture Frame Lights

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Do you have a vintage or eclectic décor?  Are you hopelessly enraptured with nineteenth and early 20th century wall art? HP30-76 Hyde Park style with a 30” shade, hand cut of solid brass finished in a weathered brass patina. The HP30 is the perfect size lamp for lighting larger paintings over 45” to about 60” in width. The Hyde Park style features a swan neck that holds the picture light shade above the frame and extends outward by 12” for maximum illumination and an added interest profile.  These fixtures can use either incandescent or art quality led bulb as long as they are T10 style led bulb can provide the same light but use a tenth of the wattage, while also saving your art from UV and infrared rays.

Vintage picture frame lights feature classic, vintage type details and are finished in antique brass or other old world patinas. Depending on your light source, artwork can appear different.  These artwork lamps provide lighting that will fit right in with (and add to) the old world charm your antique picture frame and your classic artwork conveys; yet the lamps themselves are best freshly manufactured with all kinds of forward thinking lighting efficiency, safety and design features. Old world charm is built right into the vintage picture frame lights made each day by the hand crafting lamp artisans at House of Troy. For trendy vintage or eclectic decorating styles, choose from the Hyde Park line, or the newly introduced Oxford collection by House of Troy.

Oxford style could be considered a salute to the latest vintage trend - “Steam Punk”, which recalls the Victorian era stylings considered reminiscent of the steam powered industrial revolution in the 1800s, classic steam punk styling features outsized gears and mechanisms. These Oxford lamps feature unique hinged arms holding the shade; beyond just providing lighting these provide intense visual appeal as each arm includes vintage styled square key adjustment fittings right on the shade arms. The Oxford artwork lighting lamps are available as direct wire, but can be ordered as plug in lamps. To convey a vintage style the Oxford lamps feature square and rectangular backplates with vintage details like layered ridges around the edge. Vintage detailing on the adjustment at the base and high profile detailed keys and joint adjustments midway on the arms add to the Victorian presence of the Oxford.

Oxford collection picture frame lights are available in incandescent or LED styles. This style was newly introduced in late 2013, so if you cannot find these particular picture light models on our website yet please call our customer service line to ask for styles, sizes, pricing and images so you can choose Oxford for your vintage picture frame lights. Available in 16” shades size, or 30” shade or 42” shade, and as to finishes the vintage patinas are either Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze or, if you want it as a custom order we can offer certain styles of picture light customized by finish in Weathered Brass or Gold finish, or can help you design a light in almost any House of Troy Finish.

The Hyde Park picture light family has long been the preferred style for vintage picture frame lighting; it also features the ornate outsized square key adjustments. Unique to the Hyde Park family and particularly appropriate for vintage picture frame lights, the HP style family features an exceptionally curvy swan neck which is a key part of the vintage profile appeal. The HP style also adds extra height and depth to the profile of the lamp, it can be raised to lift inches (up to 7”) above the frame, allowing for increasingly ornate and antique carvings on the vintage picture frame, and also extends outward about 12” from the picture frame, once again accentuating the profile of the lamp itself, and allowing for elaborate picture frames. The Hyde Park style lamps come in 8”, 16” or 30” wide shades styles, use incandescent bulbs, and are stocked in many elegant antique patinas like antique brass, weathered brass, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze. If you prefer a gold finish or any other House of Troy finish to be applied to the Hyde Park style, simply speak with our customer service staff about custom ordering the lamp in your desired finish.

A Monumentous Vintage Style: The Steamer

The Steamer Line art light is miraculously on point for the Victorian crowd, the Sherlock Holmes fans, and those wonderful “Steam Punk” ideas that have sparked an entirely new imaginative approach to invoking the elegance of the Victorian era.  The Steamer is an art light that is stylized in itself as wall décor.  If you can imagine your wall with ornate fixtures, period wall décor, attention to detail from painting to light fixture, the Steamer style conveys vintage brass fittings on adjustable picture lighting shade arms.  Vintage brass can be considered another way of saying either antique brass or weathered brass.  These are known as the #71 Antique Brass, which has a greenish oxidized finish, generally darker at the ends of the shades; or #76 Weathered Brass, which has a live patina that becomes increasingly golden over time.

Search our store for a Steamer picture light, even an LED picture light in the Steamer style is available.  For a multi-finish light led picture light fixture that incorporates vintage brass and ornate Victorian style findings you could greatly up the impact of your décor by lighting a painting with just such a light source.  Lighting artwork is one of the preferred methods that interior designers use for creating wall drama in a room, as well as planning for layers of light to transition daytime to more cozy and warmly lit evenings.  The latest interior trend toward led picture light styles with traditional lamp features continues to stretch the trend towards retro classic fixtures which are environmentally friendly but still artwork and décor friendly.  

To enjoy the Steamer picture lighting for artwork that we carry simply search here: for either Incandescent Steamers or LED Steamer style led picture lights.