Satco Picture Lights

Satco Picture Lights

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Satco picture lights have a reputation as an inexpensive solution to lighting artwork or adding light to framed displays and a choice of shades, styles and sizes. Founded in 1966, Satco is well known as a premier supplier of a variety of lighting products. The SATCO brand extends to virtually thousands of types of light bulbs, electrical accessories, lighting hardware and fixtures which are sold throughout the country and relied upon by millions every day. You can find Satco products in so many categories, and their prices are very reasonable. Satco art light shades had a highly reflective interior finish for maximum light output.  While Satco Picture Lights are no longer made, we are suggesting the following as very comparable alternatives:

Satco traditional picture lights were named Deluxe Picture Lights and came in a small shade size (7 inches) and a medium shade size (14 inches). As they are no longer available we recommend approximating their value and utility with the following lights which are the same size but even more elegant in their styles, and yet still a tremendous value.  Their shades hold T10 25 watt frosted bulbs. To replace the Satco 7” in Polished Brass we recommend the Advent A7-61 with a shade size at 7" the A7-61 would aptly light any picture up to 15" wide; the same size lamp comes in Antique Brass as well, we would recommend the Advent A7-71 in Antique Brass. While the larger traditional Satco picture light, in Polished Brass had a 14" shade and could light a picture up to 28" wide – for this we highly recommend the very comparable Advent A14-61. The Antique Brass 14" model number we recommend is the Advent A14-71. The larger shade takes 2 bulbs of 25 watts each and both these lamps come with the bulbs they require included, which is another $6 savings. These low-cost picture lights hang above and illuminate art, connect to the back of the frame or can be pinned to the walls behind the frames. The lamps have telescopic brackets so they can be positioned at an optimum length from the framed art. The Advent traditional picture lights are plug-in style only and their white cords have switches on the cord. All these traditional Advent style lamps are comparable or superior to the Satco picture lights, and they all have shades that swivel to aim light where it's wanted.

Another, more contemporary looking Satco low cost art light had a more slender shade. The chief differences between these and the traditional Satco picture lights was that the Slimline models had an Ultra compact shade design and used smaller bulbs.  Just as we now recommend Advent styles to replace the no longer available Satco art lamps, we can recommend comparable slim line lamps made by House of Troy’s Advent Styles.  Like the traditional lamps mentioned above, these Advent Profile lamps also feature adjustable swivel shade to adjust in or out from the artwork. Also, the On/off switch is on the cord. The Advent Profile slimline art lighting is available in a 16” size, and it is available in four finishes: APR16-61 in Polished Brass, the APR16-71 in Antique Brass, the APR16-52 in Satin Nickel, and the APR16-7 in Black finishes.

There are even LED versions of the Advent Profile Series in a 9” size as well as the 16” size, and each size is available in a variety of finishes.  Just look here to see all the APL styles and sizes.  However, while the APL styles look identical to the Advent Profile, they do have a 2" transformer on the plug and you need to think about how that will be accommodated. 

We recommend you explore all the Advent options for reliable, inexpensive, good looking art lights at an entry level price. Each Advent light has a 2 year warranty and will help you beautify your home for less money than you would have imagined!  These lamps are also most often available, in stock, and can be shipped the next day.  

It is recommended that the 7" lights be used for pictures up to about 15" wide, and the 14" lights be used to light pictures up to about 28" wide. The 16" Advent Profiles could light up to 30" images but remember they have two 15 watt bulbs.  All these lamps come with their first bulbs.  Low cost brass picture lights are certainly an option when in transition, starting out or staging a display in a public space.


While Satco is a recognized manufacturer of decorative fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens, their led technology is transforming the world of industrial and architectural lighting.  They no longer produce the picture lights we used to sell for hobbyists and trade show displays, but we still rely on Satco light bulb products.  The slimline picture light we sell doesn’t use Satco bulbs, but all of the traditional frosted incandescent bulbs we sell do come from Satco.  Decorative fixtures like the polished brass Contemporary C style, the Hyde Park HP Style, the Traditional T Style picture lights all require Satco products like T10 Frosted light bulbs, available in either 25 or 40 watts.  

Satco lighting also dominates led technology.  Their energy saving led light bulb for the LED-T1025 is an art quality led dimmable bulb.  The Satco led bulbs emit a steady 2700K kelvin glow, identical to the warm light of an incandescent light bulb.  Satco light bulbs have been our steady choice of light bulb brand for over twenty five years.

Many wiring projects have a remote control on the wish list.  When you use Satco products with a light fixture that uses remote controls and dimmers, just review compatibility requirements prior to purchase.