Oil Rubbed Bronze Picture Lights

Oil Rubbed Bronze Picture Lights

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For traditional homes the Oil Rubbed Bronze Picture Light finish is hand finished using an oxidizing process to transform the brass into a deeply darkened rich color that is very close to black but with a subtle metallic grey overtone. Each oil rubbed bronze picture light is protected with a finish coat of matte lacquer.

HP16-91 The Hyde Park style in 16” size for $140; this 16” traditional shade houses two bulbs for a total of 80 watts incandescent light. The shade extends outward 12” from the wall on a graceful swan’s neck with the austere elegance of an Oil Rubbed Bronze Picture Light.

The subdued elegance of the darker finishes such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, and also the dark painted finish known as Mahogany Bronze, contributes to the understated tone of most traditional home finishes like darkly stained woods, older portraiture and leaded windows.

T14-81 - If you want a very traditional lamp for framed artwork that plugs in behind your artwork, consider the T style. Choose a shade approximately ½ to 2/3 the width the painting. For example, a 22” wide painting would do very well with a Mahogany Bronze Picture Light such as the T14-81 or have it special ordered in the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish (call our customer service department to make a special order 800-792-4457).

DT8-81 If you want your art lighting to be hard wired, may I suggest the DT8-91 for smaller artwork for paintings between 13” and 16” wide. Direct wired 8” shade finished in Mahogany Bronze, but, as with any of the House of Troy domestically produced models, you can special order it in Oil Rubbed Bronze through our customer service department.

Yet the surprisingly high tech qualities of a modern light can be found in the traditional forms and tones of older lamps.

So for example the TLED36-81 provides state of the art LED technology housed in a substantial traditional style shade finished in the dark painted mahogany bronze. If you wanted it in the #91 finish, it could be custom ordered as oil rubbed bronze, just another benefit of working with a Vermont based manufacturer like House of Troy.

BTLED24-91 Even the BTLED style - the Battery Traditional LED picture lights (surely from a certain perspective the oxymoron of traditional) - comes standard in the #91 finish - to wit, the BTLED24-91 which would be ideal in lighting any painting from 34” to 48” wide.


The popularity of lighting with oil rubbed bronze metal finish continues unabated.  Finding a picture light whose entire presence is understated due to a dark matte finish allows your wall art color to shine without metal glistening.  Create harmonies with existing interior design and lighting choices elsewhere in the room, say finishes chosen for door hinges, window hardware, curtain rods, and even wood finishes of molding or wainscotting, can strongly influence choices of picture light metal finish.  

The somber dark black gray of oil rubbed bronze allows it to sink into the shadows, even as the shade glows with light.  If you are installing direct wire lighting on a wall, the formal dark of oil rubbed bronze can be grounding, centering, for the eye.  It will attract notice in itself.  

Picture lighting is about more than the fixture.  Coordinate fixture choices by looking for tie ins with your overall home decor.  While technically an art light is rated by light bulb and color temperature, much more is at stake.  It is about the picture frame.  Consider how the art light metal finish and style either works with the frame to accentuate it, or contrasts with it in just the right way.  Of course the art itself determines the frame, while the frame and the art itself determines the art light.  Modern style wall decor includes industrial metal picture frames, usually without ornament; these frames pair well with sleek and unobtrusive slim line oil rubbed bronze picture lights.