Mantel Picture Lights

Mantel Picture Lights

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Picture lighting for mantels is an unusual but unforgettable choice. Casting an 80W (each mantel light can take two 40 watt bulbs) uplight from your mantel can alter the mood in the room dramatically while drawing every eye to the focal point of the room. Like all House of Troy products, this mantel accent lighting is of a superior craftsmanship - when you hold this lamp you can literally feel the quality and weight (the heft) of its finely balanced manufacture. Polished brass mantel lighting like the MA14-B (other models available in antique brass and mahogany bronze finish) is unique in the world of lighting. The shade swivels smoothly on well designed swivel joints for precisely directed illumination. Like any well crafted object this light is almost a work of art in itself, but it easily becomes part of the room, blends with the mantel, as it should, so that the portraiture or artwork is central.

Each mantel lamp is assembled by hand using a 25-step process. Since the 1940's these lamps have been crafted in Vermont to the highest standards of quality, beauty and technical excellence. Perfect picture lights are precisely adjustable to provide light for your artwork exactly as you wish it.


In advance of the holidays we are adding these new Mantel Lights ideas:

Mantel décor highlighted with a picture light can put the spirit into any holiday livingroom.  Your artwork is just a first thought for mantel decorating ideas!  From lighting wall art to washing your antique brass sculptures with an extra glow, a light on your mantel will enhance more than just your oil paintings.  While recessed lights or tracking lighting can also highlight a wall beautifully, nothing really brings home the glow like the warm brass reflections from the mantel light.  

More mantel decorating ideas include blending string lights into your holiday lighting scheme, but leave plenty of presence for the mantel light source.  A mantel light sends light up and at an angle to illuminate from under the frame.   It can change the way you experience your living room or den for ever!