Nickel/Steel/Pewter Picture Lighting

Nickel/Pewter/Steel Picture Lights

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If you want a nickel plated direct wire picture light you have more than several choices.

The first decision would be profile, do you want the curved neck of the DXL or the more angular neck of the DSL? (See the images of both below). Both options bring you terrific modern appeal and a slim line shade. The modern appeal of slim satin nickel art lights is why they available in so many formats, from incandescent Slim Lines (SL style) to the SLED style which offers the exact same shade but using LED arrays that last for 50,000 hours or more.

DXL24-52 XL Swan Neck Profile

As compared to below:

DSL24-52 DSL Angular Neck Profile

Satin Nickel is a splendid high end metal alloy popular in the finest picture light designs. Recently we have seen an increased interest in satin nickel accent lighting for pictures - chiefly because satin nickel has gained considerable architectural popularity in the past few years. A brief examination of a few of our most outstanding satin nickel lighting for picture frames will show that you have a wide range of choices within this finish category.

House of Troy's Satin Nickel is one of their outstanding Plated Finishes -- Satin Nickel is burnished after plating for a softer, matte finish. You can do a custom order of high polished nickel, just call our customer service at 800-792-4457 for a custom lamp quote and consultation.

Smooth and flawless with a sophisticated satin glow, the SLED20-52, a 20" LED Picture Light in Satin Nickel is a new offering in our LED lighting group. LED lighting is tremendously energy efficient and most lamps will be converting to LED in the next few years.

Another fine example of our satin nickel wall picture lights is the SL30-52, the 30-inch Satin Nickel Slim Line Picture Light. Lit with incandescent T4 bulbs (included), this highly prized model epitomizes the graceful, unobtrusive style most people imagine when they think of art lights.

From our Advent line, the APR16-52, a 16" Advent picture light in satin nickel serves as a starting point for elegant but economical picture lighting. Suitable for pictures of about a 32" width (plus or minus) this picture light design has one curved arm holding a slender shade.

We also carry several models of lamps in Pewter. Our picture lights are of museum quality and we have developed painted finishes that most suit the frames they will highlight. All of our painted finishes are opaque. Pewter is a matte gray, gun metal finish - a classic colonial era finish suitable in a variety of formal homes.