Contemporary Picture Lights, Many Styles of Modern Art Lighting

Contemporary Picture Lights

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XL36 The graceful curved arms of the XL style adds height and profile interest to modern picture lighting, perfect for the spaces in large open floor plan homes, particularly spaces with cathedral ceilings. The XL36 would be optimum for paintings 50” to 65” wide, even a little wider.

DSL36-51 36” Slim Line provides beautiful incandescent light for large permanent artwork display. These modern direct wire picture lights are recommended for framed artwork between 50” and 65” or a little larger. DSLED14-52 Modern hard wire LED Art Lighting like this Direct Wire Slim Line LED 14” in Satin Nickel is perfect for medium sized artwork (20” to 28” wide) in a contemporary setting.

HLED26-91 modern look LED art lighting uses a slim rectangular shade and a wall mounting to bump up the profile interest in this Horizon LED art light. Now available as a Direct Wire (See DHLED style). Adding an industrial edge for super modern spaces, the Horizon style family is a very new look using cutting edge LED arrays.

SLED29 House of Troy’s patented state of the art LED arrays optimize light color for artwork (the CRI is 85, CCT is 3000K), making this 29” Modern LED Slim Art Lighting the perfect statement fixture to illuminate your 45” to 55” artwork with the incandescent equivalent of 100 watts. SLEDs are available in 3 sizes (15”, 29” and 43”) and five finishes: satin brass, satin nickel, polished brass, antique brass and oil rubbed bronze.

Trim clean lines exemplify modern picture lighting, but many of our lamps in this category could be deemed timeless. No matter which style you choose, we ensure that each of our contemporary lamps provides superior color rendition and no backlight leakage. Hundreds of choices are available to compliment and light your artwork and home décor as you wish. Some of these art lamps make a bold statement; others instantly become integral to the frame and your room.

The understated elegance of the sleek Slim-Line style by House of Troy could be why they are our most popular contemporary picture lights. The Slim-Line comes in a wide variety of finishes; our most popular are Satin Brass, Antique Brass and Satin Nickel but the Slim-Line comes in over 8 different flawless finishes. These lamps are crafted in Vermont to the highest standards of quality, beauty and technical excellence. Slim-Line picture lights attach securely and easily to your art frame; they have an 8 foot ivory cord and in-line switches. The slender tubular shade rotates for light adjustment and the pebbled aluminum reflector provides even light distribution across the picture being illuminated. For a smooth satin brass finish look at the 21" or 30" Satin Brass Slim-Line Picture Light (SL21-51 or SL30-51) or if you prefer an antique brass finish the 21" or 30" Antique Brass Slim-Line (SL21-71 or SL30-71) might be just right for you. Of course each style comes in a wide variety of lengths, just like your artwork, the Slim-Line sizes commonly range from 6" through 40". Call to find which styles can be custom ordered in larger sizes.

*** Our Take on Modern *** 


In this space age era, what does the word ‘modern’ even mean anymore?  In lighting, the notion of modern intersects with our expectations of minimal lines, sleek shapes, and efficient, state of the art technical design and manufacture.  

As far as the art and the frames that our modern picture lights go best with; it certainly is typical of contemporary artists to frame their canvases minimally, if at all.  This trend reduces the barrier between art and viewer.  Similarly, the goal of the modern art lights we feature is that they do not overwhelm with their presence.  The Slim Line is noted as a modern picture light; one whose delicate structure almost disappears in service of the art it illuminates.  

Contemporary art lighting asks the viewer to let go and appreciate the power of the art.  Our slim line contemporary art lighting is the highest quality light style in this category.  The House of Troy Slim Line  lamps are each hand crafted and inspected for quality in a very small old style factory in Vermont.  These modern picture lights are available in many fine metal finishes, from multiple types of brass, satin brass, weathered brass, antique brass, as well as powder coat black, powder coat white, and oxidized finishes like oil rubbed bronze.  


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Battery Operated Contemporary Picture Lights

There is a battery operated modern art light!  Even if you cannot use a plug in picture light, or if you cannot make changes to the space (say for a rental, or a transitional space), you can still use BSLED battery operated art display lights that take two tiny screws to install.  Try them in your home art display today!  The battery operated art display lights also make fantastic art corners to display kid’s art in a dynamic, proud-of-you way.  


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From Small to Large Slim Line Lamps

Because of the celebrated success of the famous House of Troy Slim Line, the Slim Line is offered in many sizes, from the small six inch, SL6, through small and medium sizes such as the eleven inch, SL11, the sixteen inch, SL16, through the medium sizes such as SL21, SL30, SL40, all the way up larger sizes, of which the sixty-four inch Sl64 and eighty-four inch SL84 are stock items made only with a 6-8 week lead time.  


Custom Sized Slim Line Picture Lights

The fact is, you can customize the arms and options for slim line lamps that no one else in the world will have except you – custom shade sizes start at forty five inches (45”) all the way up to one hundred thirty inches (130”) wide shades!  See Our Lighting for Large Artwork notes here!


More Futuristic Contemporary Art Lighting Styles

To compliment industrial design the Horizon style features an angular sleek rectangular tube shade, in many ways completely opposite and yet eminently as high quality and renowned in design.  The Horizon is certainly a very popular variation on modern picture lights.  Available as a plug-in or a direct wire, and in only two sizes – the twelve inch and the twenty four inch.  

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Cutting Edge Design

Another winner in the Futuristic Contemporary Art Lighting Styles is the Zenith.  This shade seems to be so aerodynamic, it would be an astonishing launching pad for the most futuristic art in a modern home.  Imagine it in Chrome!

The Zenith is only available in LED, but it does come in both plug-in and direct wire styles.

You can get it custom finished in any House of Troy metal finish, but it is only available  in 12, 24, and 36" sizes.  


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both plug-in and direct wire


The Ultra Slim Line and the XL

These are long time styles well beloved in the art world.  The swan necks swooping up to hold the shades just so at the level of the frame add artistic curves and heighten the drama of your presentation.

 The XL style is different from the USLEDZ style by having the support arm centered in the shade, while the USLEDZ style has the swan neck support arms at the ends of the shade.

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When you want to go wide but stay extremely minimal with the shade the Ultra Slim Line is without compare.  Not available as a direct wire however.  Permanent LED array in the shade.  A truly airy and minimalized confection of a lamp.







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The Most Affordable

The famous XL style is reprised in a most affordable model – the Advent Profile series.
While this lamp is under $100 it still lights your art in style.