Battery Operated Picture Lights

Battery Lighting for Artwork

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Sometimes you need a light on your artwork but you absolutely cannot rewire the wall (maybe it's an apartment or it is too expensive to do so, or it is arch itecturally impossible).

AB7-61 This polished brass (#61 finish) battery art light for small paintings has a 7” shade and, together with its antique brass twin (AB7-71) is the only battery powered light that is incandescent. It’s tiny #31 bulb is enough to light up petite artwork under 14” wide.

In the last two years House of Troy's battery operated picture lights, particularly the BTLED and BSLED styles, have revolutionized the field of décor friendly, high quality battery operated lighting. BSLED14-52, Perfect for medium sized paintings, this BSLED is a 14” slim battery light for art. Each BSLED and BTLED is hand cut from brass and hand finished by artisans in the Vermont based House of Troy factory. The LED arrays will last for about 30,000 hours of light, replace batteries every 60 hours or so.

BTLED24-1 This is a 24” wide Battery LED art light in gold finish and it is most stylish for large paintings up to 48” wide. Hand painted in House of Troy’s classic gold finish.

 BTLED24-51. If you need wide battery lights for large paintings consider this lovely satin brass finished BTLED with a 24” traditional shaped shade.

BTLED14-71 –Even if you have a very traditional setting, this antique brass Battery Lighting for Artwork will be eminently suitable for situations where there is no possibility of wiring or outlets for traditional electrical power.

These are House of Troy's flagship battery operated LED picture lights. These lamps are hand-made according the same exacting standards of any of House of Troy's 800 styles of lamps. They are crafted in small batches, by Vermont craftsmen right here in Vermont. Because the craftsmen make small batches, each lamp is attended to during every step of its manufacture. Each batch of lamps goes through the finishing process with painstaking detail, each lamp is personally inspected and a hand signed quality inspection tag goes into the box with the initials of the worker who inspected and wrapped it. As all of House of Troy's lamps, these battery operated picture lights have the benefit of House of Troy's 2 year mechanical warranty.



The BTLED and BSLED style has an outstanding design, ingeniously solving the question of how to have a gracefully shaped shade. The answer is, load the batteries into a backplate that attaches to the wall! This results in a lamp that seems to be direct wired into the wall, but is really just hanging on the wall similar to the way artwork hangs on the wall, very little intrusion into the wall itself (only one or two screws), but the elegant appearance of a permanent built-in wall light! See the schematics below to understand the difference between BSLED and BTLED styles.



The BTLED style is based on the House of Troy traditional shade style. It comes in 2 sizes, either 14" shade or a 24" shade. The BSLED style is based on House of Troy's slim line style, and also comes in either a 14" or 24" width shade. Our recommendation is to use the 14" size for paintings 20"-28" wide and the 24" lamp for paintings 32"-48" wide. For paintings outside these size ranges you should ask us for advice. Two thirds the width is considered the optimum ratio but it isn't always possible!

Oil Painting of Walkway in a Castle Garden in Ornate Frame with Art Light


No matter whether you prefer the BSLED or the BTLED style, they produce the same type of light. LED light is slightly whiter than incandescent light, at 3000K CCT (Correlated Color Temperature is a measure to define the color of a light source, coolness or warmness), these LED arrays emit light comparable to warm white cfl bulbs. Another rating you might want to know about is that they are 75 CRI (Color Rendering Index. The LED arrays are NOT replaceable, but the LED arrays last 30,000 hours, which could be quite a while.

Each style requires 4 "C" batteries (not included), and in the 14" sized lamps the batteries will last for 48 hours of use, while in the 24" sized lamps the 4 "C" batteries will last 30 hours of use. Because the batteries are concealed in the backplate, it is very easy to change the batteries. Each style has the on/off switch on the backplate as well. Backplate dimensions are the same in all sizes and styles, 3.25"H x 4.5"W x 1"D.

The 14" styles generate the equivalent of two 25 watt bulbs (50 watts incandescent equivalent). The 14" style puts out 44 lumens, 1.6 watts. And the 24" style puts out 88 lumens and 3.2 watts. Each BTLED size is available in five of House of Troy's classic, hand applied finishes: #1 Gold; #51 Satin Brass; #61 Polished Brass; #71 Antique Brass or the dark #81 Mahogany Bronze. Each BSLED size is available in four of House of Troy's finishes: #51 Satin Brass; #52 Satin Nickel; #71 Antique Brass and #91 Oil Rubbed Bronze. If you need a battery operated picture light you really cannot go wrong with these amazing new designs, you will be very happy with their quality and effectiveness as well as their beauty and thoroughly innovative style.