Concept Picture Lights

Concept Picture Lights

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Illumination at its finest- Concept Picture Lights are among the most sophisticated art lighting choices available today. With quality craftsmanship and unique styles that intrigue the mind, Picture Lights by Concept/Halcyon provide a new twist to traditional lighting concepts. Featuring wall mount designs, plug-in capability as well as battery- operated models, Concept Picture Lights quietly draw the viewer's attention to wall art while adding to the beauty of the home.

Properly lighted wall art adds a unique touch of sophistication unavailable through other decorative means or brands. A modern picture light offers a great deal more than traditional lighting options. Modern Picture Lights perform as perfect accent lighting for any room in the home, illuminating in order to allow you to share your special pieces of art with family and friends.

Offering the desirable feature of being used as a desktop light or as wall-mountable one, the Concept Halogen Picture Light provides an easy method of drawing attention to focus points in a sophisticated manner allowing guests to truly enjoy their immediate surroundings. Each Concept Halogen Picture Light features telescopic legs that twist, bend, and turn in every direction, offering an unparalleled level of flexibility and versatility ever seen in Modern Picture Lights before now.

Utilizing new CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent) technology, Concept Picture Lights offer museum-quality light with the convenience of remote controls and 7-step dimming capability. Picture Lights by Concept/Halcyon are among the safest picture lights to use since they provide heat-free lighting and they are UV safe, protecting your artwork from even minimal damage. While Picture Lights by Concept/Halcyon offer the ease of plug-in capability, they may also be hardwired by an experienced electrician for those individuals who prefer not to have any wires showing at all.

One of the latest trends in home design, the High Tech Picture Spot Light (Avanti) is a true masterpiece in lighting functionality. While directing an island of illumination exactly where you want it, the High Tech Picture Spot Light (Avanti) also provides a sophisticated and stylish appearance.

The Slimline Remote Modern Picture Light offers an extremely thin shade with the capability of providing an evenly balanced distribution of warm illumination. Offering a long life rating, this particular style of Concept Picture Lights offers the ease of being maintenance free while utilizing a mere fraction of the power that other art lighting uses. Warm color rendition is accomplished readily with the Slimline Remote Modern Picture Light.

The Battery Operated Concept Picture Light is a desirable option for lighting fine artwork with UV safe light that shines with a warm, white intensity portraying the colors in your artwork as they were meant to be seen. Featuring a sleek shade, solid state design, and generous long battery life, the Battery Operated Concept Picture Light is available in several attractive finishes including satin nickel, antique brass, and polished brass and several sizes including 8, 11.5, and 18-inch sizes. The low, sophisticated streamlined design and minimized profile of a Battery Picture Light allows it to masquerade as a conventional picture light while providing quality performance and warm color rendition along with simple drop-in battery replacement.