10" - 20" wide shades: Medium sized picture lights for medium sized picture frames

Medium Picture Lights For Medium Picture Frames

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When choosing accent lighting for framed artwork you need to select just the right size lamp. Medium sized lamps range from 10-inches to 20-inches. Since lamps need to be about one-half the size of the picture these lamps would work for images between 20 and 40 inches wide artwork, not including the frame.

Virtually every possible picture lamp style and finish combination that we sell is available in this size range. Whether you are looking for direct wire, plug-in or battery power, you will find what you need as a medium sized picture frame light. Contemporary, modern or traditional styles abound. When it comes to light bulbs there are choices in every size from fluorescent to incandescent or even LED. If you desire a lamp in a finish we don't specifically stock it is highly likely that we can custom order it for you (though custom pricing and varying lead-times apply).

One of our best sellers is the APR16-61, the Advent 16" Polished Brass Picture Light which is also quite popular in black (APR16-7) and Satin Nickel (APR16-52).

For more traditional tastes the BT14 (the House of Troy 14" Traditional Picture Frame Lamp) comes in all finishes, and many of these classic lamps are found in the finest homes, as well as museums and prestigious firms.

Extremely elegant and contemporary, found in museums the world over, is the Slim-Line style. Slim-Line SL11-61 (an 11" Polished Brass Picture Light) is representative of the many high quality Slim-Line lamps available. (The 11" Slim-Line comes in every finish available.) Similarly the SL16 is the 16" Slim-Line style, and it also is in every finish.

So many choices are available in this medium-sized picture lamp category that virtually every option can be found. Picture lamps specifically for Direct Wire as well as plug-in and battery powered picture lights can be found in almost every finish. Richardson Reflector models, Advents, Hyde Parks, Slim-Line LEDs and of course Traditional models are abundant in this medium-sized lamp category. Types of bulbs used also run the gamut from halogen, fluorescent and LED to incandescent bulbs. The following are the popular lamps in this category: