Satin Brass Lighting for Artwork

Satin Brass Lighting For Artwork

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BSLED24-51 Satin brass battery LED art lights are individually hand cut from brass, hand crafted to the highest standards by House of Troy’s Vermont based artisans, and hand finished as a matte satin brass with a protective lacquer finish. As a battery powered light this stylish LED art light can be mounted on 2 nails on any wall anywhere, without regard to electrical power sources. Perfect for medium sized artwork up to 48” wide.

Satin brass is an ever more popular element of high design, its subtle golden glow is comfortable and warm. Cherished photos, paintings and prints are embraced and enhanced when lit by satin brass lighting.

Satin brass picture light shades start off by being hand cut from the finest solid brass. Satin Brass is a matte, burnished brass, finished in a flat protective lacquer to protect and seal the finish for a lifetime of use. House of Troy picture light shades are hand crafted in the beautiful hills of Vermont, according to a nearly 70 year tradition of craftsmanship.

The Slim-Line is a stunning use of Satin Brass, the SL21-51 (a 21" Slim-Line Satin Brass Picture Light) and the SL30-51 (the same lamp but 30" shade). This style goes all the way to 84" in Satin Brass.

Satin Brass is available in a Halogen Picture light (the AG-51), a Contemporary (C16-51 and other sizes), a Direct Wire Fluorescent (DCF12-51 and other sizes), a Direct Wire Slim-Line (DSL14-51 and other sizes).

The interesting thing about the Satin Brass finish is how easily it suits itself in either stunningly modern or timelessly traditional styles. The Traditional line of House of Troy picture lights comes in many sizes, from 4" to 36" (T4-51 to T36-51 respectively).