9" or Less: Small Picture Lights for Small Picture Frames

Small Picture Lights For Small Picture Frames

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Small LED art lights can be direct wired, like this DTLED10-81 (Direct Wired LED 10” in Mahogany Bronze), or plug-in. This 10” shade would be perfect to light up paintings between 14” to 20” wide.

The most charmingly petite of small slimline picture lights is the SL6. This picture shows the Sl6-61, a 6” shade in purest polished brass finish (#61 finish). A 6” slim line will be perfect to light up any picture from 8” to 12” wide.

A small antique brass battery art light, the AB7-71 has a 7” shade and is finished in antique brass, but the same size and style also comes in polished brass. These small lights are best suited when no electricity is possibly available, and the small #31 bulb can light up a painting from 8” to 14” wide.

The Smallest Picture Lights for the Smallest Pictures: The general rule when it comes to sizes of picture lights is to go for a light about one-half the size of the image you are lighting. If you have an 8-inch painting or photo, not including the frame, our smallest picture lights would be perfect for you. We carry picture lights as small as 4-inches wide. These lamps come in our Traditional style, with many choices of finishes.

The T4 (traditional 4-inch) comes in Gold, Pewter, Bronze, Satin Brass, Polished, Antique and Weathered Brass, as well as Statuary Bronze (#56 finish, pictured) and Mahogany Bronze varieties.

Various lamp styles come in sizes of 5", 6", 7" and 8". These would be perfect for 10" images, 12" pictures, 14" paintings and 16" photographs respectively. If you have an 18" image you want a 9" picture light for your framed artwork. DC9-62 Direct Wire Contemporary 9" Chrome Picture Light (it also comes in polished brass, or, if you make a custom request we can usually get most finishes in most styles on a custom order basis). The 9" lamp size is also available in traditional style and all finishes as mentioned in the previous paragraph. So as you can see when it comes to small art lights for picture frames you can access many different styles and finishes in tight little sizes that are just right. The Hyde Park (HP styles), Richardson Reflector (RR styles), Advent Battery operated (AB line), or the contemporary (C) line. Small pictures can be a big part of the room if they are well-framed and well-lit.

Here are the many specific small lamp styles we carry which are 9" or less: