Polished Brass Lighting for Artwork

Polished Brass Lighting For Artwork

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Polished brass fits into almost any design plan, its luminous golden glow warms up and enriches your space. Cherished photos, paintings and prints are enlivened by polished brass lighting, and this finish compliments most framing.

Polished brass picture lights start off by being hand cut from the finest solid brass. A fine Polished Brass finish is then polished and buffed giving it a reflective quality. A coat of clear lacquer is then applied to protect and seal the finish for a lifetime of use. House of Troy picture light shades are hand crafted in the beautiful hills of Vermont, according to a nearly 70 year tradition of craftsmanship.

A particularly popular picture light is the APR16-61, an Advent line 16" Polished Brass picture light. As the rest of the Advent line it is an economical choice that does not look in any way economical.

The Direct Wire Traditional style in polished brass comes in a variety of sizes, with 8", 14", 24" and 36" wide shades (look for DT36-61 for the Direct Wire Traditional 36" lamp).

The cross-over style called the Hyde Park combines a traditional with a contemporary flair and is found in both sorts of environs. You can find the Hyde Park in 8", 16" and 30" sizes (look for HP16-61 for the 16" Hyde Park Polished Brass Picture Lamp).

Most of our other style lamps offer a polished brass choice. Fortunately, if there is a lamp that you simply must have in polished brass we can special order it in any size for you, with certain pricing and lead-time considerations.

Other special lamps to check out in Polished Brass (almost every style listed below comes in a variety of styles!

** Happy New Year Update  **

Renew Your Home, Get a Fresh Perspective, And Save Money!

This winter the temperatures are all over the place, and interior décor is more important than ever before – because we are all staying in.  Indoors renovations are not going well, however, due to materials shortages.  Also, especially in the new year, it is a great time to save money!

Repurpose, Recycle, Go Antiquing!

So instead of updating a chandelier to another type of ceiling light, search for a bargain but beautiful vintage light fixture; what about a crazy, over-the-top, chandelier, like go for an eclectic EBAY brass chandelier.  With such ingenius repurposing, you can have a very low budget uplift in your interiors by gleaning an antiques and art collection (whether through official auctions or yard sale treasures) to revivify your decor.  If you find creative ways to renew your space you can save money in amazing ways.  Try crafting your own picture frames or, sometimes much better, repurpose frames from pictures or other sources.  But don’t just rely on a ceiling light to give you that homey feeling.  Wall lights, especially with a 2700K color temperature, can add a specific layer of light to your interior lighting design.  

Add Wall Lighting for Your Gallery Wall

Our antique traditional picture light styles like the Hyde Park (check out the vintage arms that hold the shade) or the Richardson are very inexpensive compared to the amount of art lighting they project.  Even a traditional shade can be an up to date led picture light When looking at these styles, also compare them to the painted finishes of the smaller traditional styles.  Going with a painted finish is another way to save a lot during these historic pandemic times.

Artwork can personalize your walls in a way that nothing else can.  Whether you choose art for cultural, historical reasons, or if you are simply drawn to a color palette, or a feeling caught between the lines, artwork draws the eye, attracts attention, and pleases us unfathomably from time to time.