Kovacs Picture Lights

Kovacs Picture Lights

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A stylish selection of Kovacs Picture Lighting enables you to enhance the existing beauty of your home while providing a timeless design that lasts for an entire lifetime. Harmonizing the appearance of a room often includes a fine display of wall art enhanced by attractive art lighting. Our assortment of Kovacs Picture Lights provides an intimate glow of brightness enhancing the decorative appearance of carefully positioned photography, paintings, and unique prints.

The high quality craftsmanship of these contemporary Picture Lights by George Kovacs is discernible immediately. George Kovacs has been a well-recognized name in the world of contemporary-designed picture lights for dozens of years. As a pioneer of stylish picture lighting with clean lines blending into fascinating curves and twists, Kovacs created his unique collection of cutting-edge contemporary Kovacs Art Lighting designs that are often showcased by the Minka Group. Revolutionizing home decor and redefining the use of wall space with an unusual display of creative flair is behind the creation of this delightfully sophisticated Kovacs Picture Light collection.

Designed to enhance painting and photographs, Kovacs Art Lighting never detracts from the pleasurable viewing of artwork. While providing optimal viewpoints of your wall displays and highlighting exceptional pieces of wall art and photographs with a delicate glow of illumination, Kovacs Picture Lights add to the impressive appearance of the rooms in your home. Kovacs Picture Lighting is attractive in design and never takes away from focus on the artwork. Since this style of art lighting is mounted directly to the wall, it offers the ability to make a large statement through its placement above your artwork.

Formalizing your room is simple with the careful mounting of the unique, simplistic yet elegant designs of Kovacs Picture Lights. Concealing the plug and cord is often accomplished quite readily using existing furniture arrangements, the matching cord cover, and the art frame. Plug in Kovacs Picture Lights offer a great deal more flexibility than snap on lights that simply must attach to the framework since you choose their location. Kovacs Picture Lights are available in 18.5 inch and 27-inch sizes and use 8 or 13-watt bulbs.

Picture Lights by George Kovacs allow viewers to take note of the fixture's sleek design as well as its quality satin brass, polished chrome, or brushed nickel finish. The impressively bold and modern styling of Kovacs Art Lighting creates the perfect solution for illuminating family photographs and other fine artwork with exceptional taste. Creating a mini-gallery of artwork along a staircase or staged throughout a hallway or on a special wall necessitates the use of proper illumination such as that offered by Kovacs Picture Lighting.

Each Kovacs Picture Light uses a fluorescent bulb, includes a matching cord cover, and mounts readily to your wall. Liven up wall and living space with delicate islands of softened light glowing over the finest in wall art creations and provided by Picture Lights by George Kovacs. All Kovacs Picture Lighting features simplistic yet unique designs in polished chrome, brass, and brushed nickel.