Plug-In Picture Lights

Plug In Picture Lights

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Most lighting for artwork is of this type - many times the plug and wire can be concealed behind the picture frame itself if there is a recessed outlet built into the wall. Alternatively people often paint or conceal the wire as it extends down from behind the frame to an outlet lower down on the wall. Frequently furniture or even conduit conceals the wire perfectly. The illumined art work being highlighted more often than not draws attention away from the wire regardless. See our video on electrification of picture lights for more information.

Accent lighting for pictures takes your artwork to a whole new level - you are formalizing your room with specialized lighting. Small picture lights for small pictures can make a big statement. From the striking Advent Gemini line (which uses halogen bulbs) to the traditional Advent or the Advent Profile halogen line, plug-in lighting for picture frames comes in all shapes, finishes and sizes.

Other plug-in lamps, like our Concept halogen picture lights, are remote controlled and have finely tunable dimmers. The museum quality halogen lighting provided by the Concept picture lights illuminates artwork up to 60 inches wide due to its unique spotlight shaped design and highly adjustable positioning system.

Our House of Troy Slim-Line lamps, a contemporary line, are available in both direct-wire versions and plug-in styles. The Hyde Park line, a more traditional style with arched and angled arms holding the shade out from the picture frame, is exclusively a plug-in.

When it comes to bulbs, the plug-in type of lamp supports many different kinds, LED, incandescent and halogen. Also there is a brand new technology, cold cathode fluorescent or CCFL, which is UV safe and heat free while it provides a perfectly color balanced museum quality light; these bulbs are used in Concept's Slimline remote control plug-in light. If you know you need a plug-in light you have many options when it comes to finding your best lighting for artwork.