House of Troy Picture Lights

House of Troy Picture Lights

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House of Troy is the world’s pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of art lights.  While many firms might try to make a few styles of picture lights, House of Troy Vermont based craftsmanship enterprise with a domestic manufacturing operation in the peaceful wooded mountains of Northern Vermont.  Troy picture lights  has consistently added to and refined their elaborately diverse picture light design inventory. Already famous House of Troy Art Lights include contemporary products like slimline picture lights, XL picture lights, and ultra slim line picture lights.  But their range of classic styles is also very wide, as in example the hardwired picture lighting products like the Direct Wire Oxford LED.   

Consider a 7” battery operated portrait light, at the small end of the scale, or customize a 130” wide lamp to suit your piece.  Not only do House of Troy art light styles successfully maintain their market preeminence in many of their original styles but they might expand the number of finishes and sizes a lamp comes in to enhance the style footprint in your home.

A slimline picture light can be hardwired picture lighting or even battery powered picture lighting.  That is how diverse the demand for this high style, high functionality, slim line picture light can be.  

A House of Troy LED picture light can be either plug-in style, direct wire (or hardwire picture lights) and now even are available as a battery picture lighting.  The craftsmanship and lasting performance of the classic TLEDZ14, which is a plug in, 14” wide, LED picture light in any of a choice of ten finishes, is remarkable.  Exactly the same as the T14, except it comes with an art quality LED array built right into it’s shade, and the TLEDZ14 also comes with a built in plastic diffuser over the shade to enhance even projection of light.

Battery powered picture lighting can be dicey.  There is always a trade off between brightness and battery life, so the stylish battery picture lighting by House of Troy Lighting have the following: 36 to 48 hour battery life, 30,000 hour LED array life.  You need to take the BSLED or the BTLED fixtures off the wall to change the batteries.  This is very simple, but it is a consideration, in case you were going to have to climb up and down a ladder to reach the lamp.  The battery operated picture lights also require you to reach up to the shade to flip the on/off switch.  These are the major considerations for battery powered picture lighting.

Another benefit of House of Troy Lighting is that they are domestic, based in northern Vermont!  We are proud to ship their lamps all over the world.  We also offer specialized help in ordering customizations on many House of Troy art lights, wall lights, and other fixtures.  Their quality conscious crafts based manufacturing operation is second to none, especially when you consider their original designs, solid reputation, and the range of sizes and finishes that each lamp is crafted in. 

When it comes to range of styles, and to a concerted focus on evolving technology, this small Vermont manufacturer has an impressive retinue of iconic picture lights that address a wide range of art lighting issues, but they will also make a custom lamp when the need arises.  House of Troy Lighting custom makes many of their best selling lamps in larger sizes or different finishes on request.  They are playful in their mixed metals finishes and even play with classic looks such as steamer trunk rivet trimming to dress their lamp styles up for homes as stylish as their artwork.  Their in-house specialty welder can even build custom arms along a range of dimensions to aid in fitting a lamp to an outsized artwork with a deep ornate frame when needed.

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