Chrome Lights for Artwork

Chrome Lights For Artwork

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DC16-62 This direct wire Classic 16” is a modern chrome picture light that will provide up to 80 watts of dimmable incandescent light (if your electrician installs it on a dimmer switch). The perfectly mirror finish of gleaming plated chrome will accentuate the contemporary framing and artwork it illuminates. The 16” shade is just right for medium sized art works between 24” and 32” wide.

Chrome lighting for artwork is an outstandingly modern choice that allows the picture light itself to take center stage with the highly reflective quality of heavy plated chrome that gleams like a mirror. Chrome plating gives a classic picture light shade a more contemporary feel. Chrome lighting for artwork has a highly polished, mirror-like appearance. Chrome would be a great complement to Chrome frames as well as most metallic frames (I have one on a bright green metal frame and it looks amazing), or any black and most silver frames. Some frames are actually mirrors, and a Chrome art frame light on top would just be dynamite. If Chrome is already in your gallery or your home you can't go wrong with more. The content of the picture also needs to be considered, of course, but many prints and photos would be perfectly suited to a chrome art light on the frame.

Many office buildings, hotels and other formal public venues rely on the built-in styles DC16-62, DSL36-62, DXL14-62 or DXL24-62 for direct wired chrome lighting for artwork to highlight their hallways, foyers and corporate boardrooms. is a terrific choice for nearly any public venue, and would be appropriate for pictures sized 28" - 40" wide. If your paintings are larger or smaller than that width and you would like a quote on customized lamp based on the DC16-62 style, just contact our customization specialist at the customer service line - 800-792-4457, Morna will be happy to help you design lighting perfect for your needs.

Many of our hand cut, hand shaped and hand polished styles of lighting for artwork are House of Troy styles. Only a few of House of Troy’s many hand made picture light styles are available in Chrome, as Chrome is such a strikingly modern finish it would not be appropriate for the more traditional versions of House of Troy’s lighting for artwork. One of the styles available in Chrome is the Slim-Line style, notably the most modern and minimalist of House of Troy’s lighting for artwork styles. The chrome finish is available in all the slim-line sizes from the SL6-62 to the SL84-62. The 11" shade of the SL11-62 –can be seen at this link: The slender 11"chrome shade is perfectly sized for a 16"-21" picture frame, the Slim-Line shade is held over the frame on two slender bent arms. Modern lines perfectly aligning with the modern chrome finish makes any size SL a great choice for chrome lighting for artwork.

If you are ready to direct wire a picture light, the DC16-62 is our Direct Wire Contemporary 16" Chrome Picture Light. While these direct-wire styles come in a variety of sizes (from 9" to 36" in fact), the 16" light would be perfect to illuminate a 32" frame (more or less). Many fine homes and a quantity of hotels across America have mounted these gleaming chrome art lights to great effect.

Finally, if you are aware of the remarkable potential and efficiency of LED lighting, we recommend you check the SLED15-62. This model is our 15" LED Picture Light in Polished Chrome. LED lighting for artwork is the wave of the future, and most of our lights will be available with an LED option in the very near future. This model is a Slim-Line - museum grade contemporary styling - with LED light strip that will last for 50,000 hours and use a minimal amount of electricity. If you need a bigger LED, try the SLED29-62, a 29" shade in elite, refined, mirror-like chrome finish.