Gold Lights for Picture Frames

Gold Picture Lights

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Our Gold Picture Lights cover the gamut of styles, this Richardson Reflector RR14-1 (Richardson Reflector 14” in Gold)  is a standout which projects up from the back of the frame and over, unlike the T style which directly angles over the top of the frame without any height above it.

 BTLED24-1 is a Traditional gold battery LED art light, the confluence of practicality (because it is battery powered), modernity (because it is LED) and classic hand crafted hand painted picture lighting (because it is hand cut from brass, and hand fashioned by artisans in Vermont).

House of Troy has numerous options for art lighting in their gold painted finish, from hard wired direct wire picture lights to wall mounted traditional to battery powered lighting.

Gold picture lights, our most popular picture light finish, have the look of pale gold leaf. Because our picture lights are found in the finest museums, House of Troy’s world renowned smooth painted gold finish has been painstakingly developed to suit the museum frames they highlight. Because gold symbolizes perfection, love and beauty, it is no wonder that a majority of picture frames are gold to show the images they frame are cherished.

Of our House of Troy picture lights several of the best sellers of all time are Gold. For example the T24-1, a traditional classic gold picture light style, has a 24" shade suitable to illuminate an image from 30” to 44” or possibly 48" wide.

Several other popular styles in the traditional classic family are the T5-1 (a 5" gold picture light) for 10" images, and the T8-1 (an 8" gold picture light) for 16" framed artwork. Please note that the shade size should be approximately half of the image size, not the frame size.

The RR line - or Richardson Reflector - is another version of the traditional style, with a ball swivel adjustment at the shade for optimum directionality. The chief difference between the traditional style and the RR style is in the arm that appends to the frame - the RR line attaches to the frame and comes up, then angles over with its adjustable shade arm, while the traditional line extends straight out from the top of the frame, adjusting the distance of the shade from the frame in a direct manner. The Richardson Reflector line is standard only in gold finish (although you can get custom finished RRs if you call our customer service department), but all sizes of the T-style lamps (4”, 5”, 8”, 9”, 14”, 18”, 21”, 24” and other sizes all the way up to 42”) are available in their classic gold painted finish as well as nine other fine House of Troy finishes.

As an update, we still recommend the highly prized House of Troy #1 Gold Painted Finish!  Here is why:

A gold picture light could be an LED picture light.  Artwork that needs lighting might or might not look good next to a brass or antique brass light fixture.  It might be that the artwork’s frame is brushed with gold leaf.  This would be the first sign that you should look for a gold light, especially a House of Troy #1 Gold Painted Finish.  

The painted finishes are only available for classic picture light shades.  These are the broader, 2.5” diameter shades in the classic design C16 or the traditional design for a picture frame light, the T-style, also known as the Traditional Style.  If your art piece needs a light source you should contemplate the nature of the painting’s style.  Does it cry out for a modern lamps or a more substantial T-style?  Would the impressive permenant installation of a Direct Wire Traditional picture lamp be best to permanently illuminate a painting that will hold a forever place in your home?

To benefit from the less expensive cost of an incandescent direct wire lamp you can use LED bulbs which are art quality color rendition.  If your walls can not be opened to put a direct wire wall light you can even get a Battery Operated picture light painted in brushed gold painted finish.  It really is remarkable to see the range of styles and picture frame lights that you can get in classic picture light finish like brushed gold.