$25 - $99.99 - Economically Priced Picture Lamps

Economically Priced Picture Lamps

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Picture lights come in a wide range of prices as well. Currently perfectpicturelights.com offers about 50 different lamps for artwork in the under $99 range. New models of lighting for wall art are being added every day.

But here is something else you need to know - just because framed picture lighting is under $99 does not mean there is any compromise on its quality.

In part size of the lamp can be an indicator of price - for example 16" is the largest size picture lamp under $99. If you want modern accent lighting, for example, check the APR16-71, Advent Profile 16" Antique Brass Picture Light. The Advent Profile (APR) line is also available in matte black powder coating or satin nickel or polished brass.

But in this price range you will find many different styles and types of lamp, in any possible finish. There are Traditional picture lights, Advent lamps for artwork, Contemporary accent lights for artwork. There are art lamps that plug-in as well as several battery operated options.

A popular picture lighting option is the A7-71 is an Advent picture light with a 7" shade in Antique Brass.

The Contemporary model (like the C5-51 in satin brass), with a seamless shade, rounds down at the front where the Traditional style (like the T4-1 in gold) shade, also seamless, has a front that slightly angles forward.

As you can see beautiful lighting for wall art abounds in this value range.