Large Picture Lights for Larger Pictures, Picture Lights Over $400

Picture Lights Over $400

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We offer an enormous selection of picture lights for larger images - and we can arrange for custom sizes and finishes as well. The art display lights that you choose must be about half the length of the picture they are meant to illuminate. If this ratio isn't followed, for example if you get 9" picture lights for 40" wide paintings, there is bound to be disappointment because the picture lights will clearly look far too small and inadequate and won't light the picture adequately. That is why, if you are fortunate enough to have large spaces filled with large images you need to find the right size picture lights for your picture frame.

This category of picture lights over $200 includes everything from the T30-51 (a Traditional 30" Satin Brass Picture Light) at $201.15 to an SL84-52 (an 84" Satin Nickel Slim-Line Picture Light) at $732.15.

In this range the larger Direct Wire lamps become available, including the Direct Wire Fluorescent 12" Antique Brass Picture Light and the Direct Wire Contemporary 16" Chrome Picture Light. Farther up the scale you will find (and love) the Direct Wire Slimline 14" Oil Rubbed Bronze Picture Light. Direct Wire Slim-Line picture lights actually comes in several larger sizes as well, all the way up to 40" in fact.

The Slim-Line style, not the direct wire version, is even available in sizes up to 84" - for those of you with paintings in the neighborhood of 168" wide. Most of the largest art display lights are Slim-Lines, probably because of the tremendously slender tube of the shade. Also, the wider the shade the more support arms hold the shade; because the support arms integrate so smoothly into the shade itself the design supports an incredible length both architecturally (strength-wise) and aesthetically. Recently our custom picture lights representative Morna delivered three custom length picture lights for a new luxury hotel in San Juan Puerto Rico. One of the picture lights was 130”, one was 120” and one was 98” wide, each was custom mounted with different length arms and the client was extremely pleased with the picture lights installation.

Although some might see the Slim-Line picture lights as very modern accent lighting, this style is so smoothly integrated into the frame and the room it can function quite well in very formal and traditional settings. Museum curators the world over integrate Slim-Line picture lights as part of their picture lighting systems.