Large Picture Lights, with Shades 21" and Larger

Large Classic Picture Lights

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Large classic picture lights are for paintings over 30” wide. Traditional décor often features substantial pieces of artwork and the scrollwork of old hand crafted frames around them. These works can support the dimensional effect of the T style traditional shade. The T42-31 is a 42” wide shade, which can work with paintings from 70” to 84” wide.

 DT36-61 Direct wire lights for large paintings allow for a permanent light fixture, hard wired into the wall by an electrician so that it can be controlled by a wall switch (or dimmer switch). The largest direct wire lights are 36 inches wide shades, mounted on finely finished backplates. The DT36-61 is our Direct Wire 36” Traditional Shade finished in a gleaming polished brass, this art light would be best for paintings between 55” to 72” wide.

 BSLED24-91. A Large modern battery operated art light, suitable for posters, photos or paintings between 35 and 48” wide, seen here in oil rubbed bronze.

 SL40-62 is a 40” shade beautifully plated in chrome. Large slim line picture lights start at SL30 (30” wide) and SL40 (40” wide) but the slim lines can be as large as 64” or 84” and custom orders can even be made for large slim line shades up to 130” long (contact our customer service department for help with any of your custom made picture lighting questions at 800-792-4457)!

When you have a very large framed piece you really do need to find the perfect picture light. Customization is possible because we are right next to the factory where these fine House of Troy lamps are crafted by hand by Vermont lamp artisans. Large slim line picture lights can also be specially designed to suit unusual art lighting situations, for example custom direct mounting can allow them to be mounted from ceilings, concrete walls, or attached through wood panels such as library casings. The custom direct mounting can also be modified for longer extensions to accommodate your painting’s position in relation to where the lamp is mounted.