Symmetry Is Your Friend

Electrify Your Art Centric Room in the Evening

Certain art simply demands attention, and there is no better way to draw the eye than to use art lighting strategically to enhance every aspect of the room, especially when the sun goes down.

We put this photo into our Virtual Demo Room to show the spectacular effect of an artlight at night.


Even During the Day An Art Light Sets the Stage

An art light doesn't need to be turned on to impact the design of your art centric room.  An art light adds finish and emphasis on the centrality of the piece whether the light is on or off.   The softly gleaming satin nickel shade of this art light harmonizes the palette while it's linear shape ties in with the lines of the windows.

An Art Light Doesn't Have to Be Turned On To Have An Artful Impact.


Check Out Our Virtual Demo Room

To learn how an art light can revolutionize your relationship to the artwork in your home, simply follow the directions for uploading your own photo here:    Virtual Demo Room

 There is a video there that shows you how simple using this virtual tool can be - check it out!