Design Art Lighting Just for You 

Many of your favorite House of Troy art lights and library lights can be customized to suit. It never hurts to ask us if you could have the perfect light made just for you – one of a kind! Whether a lamp is needed with a different finish, a different size, or direct wired instead of plug in… it never hurts to ask!

You Can Customize by: 

Size: Specialized slim line lamps (SL) in widths from 45.25" up to 130"; SLEDZ or DSLEDZ up to 59” wide!

Backplate: Direct wire mounting options for all size SL lamps up to 130”!!

Custom Direct Mount: Allows u to install lamps right through your millwork or built-ins! Perfect for lighting your bookshelves, displays, signage, and menus;

Arm Extension: from 0 – 14 inches (helps with outsized frames);

Finish: Ask for a lamp in a nonstock finish

Customize the Lamp Cord:

1) Regular Cord:  We can customize Plug-in lamps by cord length, cord color (black, brown, or ivory pvc jacket) and placement of on/off click switches.

2) Cloth Cords (New):  Now you can create a statement with a colorful, cloth covered cord!  Let the cord be seen!  When the cord is fashionable it becomes part of the lamp in a way that it never was before:

  • cloth covered cords for picture lights in multiple colors
  • vintage shapes for plugs
  • full range dimming switches
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Example of custom cloth colored cords we can use on picture lights.


Example of Faceted Plug End 
Example Inline Dimmers for Custom Cords



Customize Picture Lights for Your Gallery Wall

Our customer wanted a lamp wide enough to make his gallery wall really look like it was designed seamlessly around the lighting.
We designed a 66 inch wide shade with four arms so that each arm came down behind a frame.  This plug in lamp has a 2 foot long cord that plugs in to a recessed outlet behind one of the top row of frames.  

Ask us how to get this customization for your gallery wall!


Custom Profiles, Arm Dimensions, Angles 

Our customer did not hesitate to modify the slim line arm profile.  His vision was completely realized from the sideview - note the arms holding the shade project straight outward rather than dipping downward at an angle to hold the shade.   Also, the length of the arms projecting from the wall is customized by several inches.  

Slim Line profiles can be customized in a number of dimensions.  Custom lamps can also be designed as direct wire fixtures.

Custom Ordering Process

Custom items are paid for in advance, some customizations require forms with a signature of customer approval. Most custom orders take between 6 to 8 weeks to manufacture.

After working with you to determine your customization preferences, we monitor the progress of your job the whole way through the factory and ship it to you the day it is finished.

Custom items are non-returnable and non-refundable, but the House of Troy provides a standard two-year manufacturer warranty for all their incandescent lamps, and a five-year warranty for their lamps with LEDZ.

Contact us and ask for our custom lamp specialist using the form below: