I am a wonderful Story Teller, mostly because I get extremely interested in synthesizing all types of details about the topics I find fascinating!

I love to tell amusing anecdotes about charming people I meet, or about my latest battle with slugs in a garden.   I can readily share my journey of entirely transforming my life through exercise, or I could tell you about my  200-page allegorical fantasy novel, with dragons.

One of the most powerful elements of my story telling is that I understand the mythic and psychological functions of storytelling.  I know why stories work on people's minds.  I know how to target a story exactly right, by addressing readers' imaginations, hearts, and touch points.  Narrative pulls the reader in.  The urge for story is a primary drive;  it is an instinctual need based on a our human survival instinct to make sense of what is happening around us. 

People want to tell their stories and they want to hear customer stories and company stories that they can relate to.   Building a brand is sometimes like telling a story.  Since our first catalog in 1995 our content quality has been exceptionally recognizable in tone.  Our emphasis has always been in teaching our niche audience so that they would become customers.  Our public facing websites never compromise or deviate from voice or brand.  I write or approve every word of content as authentic and on brand.   I would put the passion I put into building Perfectly Grand and Perfect Picture Lights into telling your company's story, or helping you establish your brand.

The capacity to pull narrative elements together, like putting clues together to form a puzzle, seems to be the basis of human cognition.  That's why I spent some years as a high school English teacher and now I teach post-secondary level.  My specialized course teaches future teachers about using stories, books, and media, to teach.  I spent years contemplating how creativity, game theory, and layers of story worked together to create complex learning.  My analysis of a high school class I taught became my master's thesis: "Creating Learning in Sacred Space: An Analysis of Deep Learning." completed in 2007.  It is an exhilerating story of teaching!

As a Life Goal - I am quite keen to be a featured speaker on a Ted Talk (working on a script for one) about healing from PTSD.

Below is a list of topics I could write passionately about.  I could write yards and yards of one hundred percent human, astonishingly authentic content about each of these and many more topics.  I write in many styles and in many voices, including folksy, colloquial, direct, blunt, technical, descriptive, analytical, literary, and subtly funny with a tinge of darkly ironic.  I can write technical product descriptions and zingy print catalog copy as well. 

My retail e-commerce work history is worth a long story in itself.  My partner and I started an ecommerce website in 1995.  We were original adopters in the very earliest days of the internet.  We were so far ahead that in the beginning we also wrote, designed, printed, and mailed several hundred thousand copies of a 30-page print catalog.  At that time nobody believed an internet only company could make it.  The general public had a hard time believing ecommerce was legitimate.  We even got "flamed" by academics who told us the internet was NOT for business!   Those days are long gone!   Our quarter century on the internet has taught us alot and in the last few years 

  • Smooth and elegant product descriptions of technical and specialty items.
  • Marketing to educated clients in specialty niche markets with average order size around $300.

Fiction and nonfiction   

onsite SEO landing pages or blog posts  laced with keywords and backlinks content: 

ryorganic gardening, harvest, cooking

natural health and beauty from Emu Oil

Hair Loss issues for Women

Perennial gardening, indoor gardening of seedlings for outdoor grow seasons

Country Living

Active Lifestyle

Sports for Life, 

Skiing, Tennis, Sailing, Hiking, 

Mountain Lifestyles 

Lifelong learning seminars and travel for seniors 

nutrition and exercise to boost health, combat illness, enhance immunity

pet rescue 

therapeutic pet resources

caring for our animal friends and birds

flowers for bees

women in the bee industry

Children's Media and Literacy - I teach this topic to graduate students!





Niche Market Copy Writer  

Develop, enhance, and maintain a clear and consistent brand voice across multiple channels.