20 Tips for Creating Cozy Home Interiors


20 Tips for Creating Cozy Home Interiors

Designing a cozy home interior is all about creating a relaxing space that you can retreat to at the end of the day. It is about making your home feel like its own little sanctuary, where you can truly relax and unwind. A cozy home is one that is not only comfortable, but also inviting and personalized. It feels homely and familiar because of the personal touches and design choices of whoever lives in it.

Key Elements in Creating a Cozy Home Interiors

Creating a cozy space is easy when you know how. It involves going beyond good housekeeping to curate a feel-good ambiance in your living spaces and enriching the experience in the time you spend in your home. Here are some key elements, decorating ideas, and tips for creating a warm, cozy, and inviting interior.

1.     Artwork

Adding art to your home is one of the easiest ways to create a cozy environment. A piece of art can add a focal point to any room and will provide some color and texture without being overwhelming.


Warm, Modern Interior Design, Behance, via Pinterest.

Artwork infuses personality into your spaces, making your house feel like a home. It can be as simple as framed family photos on your gallery wall or as complex as custom-painted murals and abstract cozy paintings on your accent walls. Whatever you choose, be sure that it reflects your style and personality. By showing your passion in your art and opting for pieces that bear emotional value to you, you will bring an element of uniqueness and familiarity to your art-centric room. Hang pictures at eye level to allow others to connect and interact with your artwork.

2.     Good Lighting

Good lighting is one of the key elements that can turn your home into a comfortable, relaxing space. Opt for light sources that are warm and welcoming, not harsh or bright, particularly LED lamps with a warm color temperature ranging between 2700K and 3000K. Additionally, diffused minimalist interior light sources tend to be more flattering, generating uniform lighting with softer shadows.


Reception, Behance, via Pinterest.


Layering your lighting is another remarkable way to ensure optimal visual comfort, and hence coziness in your interiors. Install ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to your lighting design, incorporating dimmer switches for regulating your lighting levels as desired. Crown it all with decorative lighting fixtures in the form of chandeliers, wall lamp luminaires, fairy lights, sconces, and floor lamps, to add personality to the room.

Accent lighting plays the most essential role in setting the mood and ambiance of the space. Highlight the artwork and unique architectural details in your home with warm accent lighting, allowing them to immediately stand out. Perfect Picture Light supplies an elegant collection of intimate picture lights and track lights that you can install for your art lighting and accent lighting needs.

3.     Indoor Plants and Flowers

Invite the outdoors in by adding plants into your interior design for cozy home decor. Indoor plants and flowers not only liven up the space but are also known to boost your mood and creativity.

Interior Design Project (Tylmanowa, Poland), Behance, via Pinterest.


In case you find plants a little harder to maintain, place succulents on your window sills or kitchen countertops.  You can also add an organic detail to your interiors with realistic faux plants and flowers.

4.     Tapestry

BLVCK., Behance, via Pinterest.


Adding window treatments, throw blankets, pillows, and floor rugs in natural fabrics can add a lot of warmth and visual interest to your interior design. Go for cozy and smooth fabrics such as fur, linen, silk, and velvet that feel soft against your skin. Floor rugs and carpets will also protect your feet from cold flooring, adding coziness to your spaces.

5.     Fragrance

Incorporating fragrance into your home can make all the difference in setting the mood and making your guests feel welcome. You can add scented candles, incense sticks, flowers, air fresheners, scented fabric softeners, and even an essential oil diffuser, placing them in strategic places around your house.

6.     Paint colors

Do not underestimate the power of good paint color in creating a cozy home! Choosing colors with warmer tones will make your space feel more comfy and relaxing. You can also opt for neutrals, pastels, warm colors, or earthy tones like browns, yellows, and oranges for your walls and flooring to add warmth and depth to your room décor.


7.     Cozy Furniture

When it comes to cozy furniture, nothing beats soft, plush upholstery. A couch with soft and pliable fabric is the perfect place to sink right into and feel snug after a long day of work.

Invest in accent chairs, ottomans, upholstered beds, plush couches, and cushy footstools for your home. To add extra coziness to your spaces without spending a lot of money on new furniture, try incorporating throw blankets or pillows over existing pieces.

Finally, ensure your furniture arrangement is intimate enough to encourage interactions among the people in the room. Do not set your seats and sofas too far apart.

8.     Texture

To add visual texture, depth, and dimension to your spaces, integrate different fabrics and materials in your interior design. Printed pictures on brick wall, patterned curtains, and textural floor rugs are all incredible ways to add warmth and depth to your space. Top it all with tasseled pillows and lampshades for an extra touch of coziness! The addition of different textures can truly make a room feel unique and inviting.

9.     Accessorize with books

O2 Interiors vol.2, Behance, via Pinterest.



Project HD# Black Prostir, Behance, via Pinterest.


Add a lot of personality to your family room and living spaces by accessorizing with books in your décor. You can place a few books on the coffee table, arrange a collection beside your bay window to create a reading nook, or go all the way with a complete bookshelf.

Books add an air of sophistication and elegance while also being functional. They are timeless, personal, and an easy way to add color and warmth to any room. Books also present an opportunity for you to show off your interests and personality through their titles or covers.

10.  Incorporate Wood and Leather

The rich tones of wooden furniture and leather details are classic elements that can add warmth into even the coldest of spaces.

Wood and leather pair beautifully, with wood being warm and earthy while leather adding a dash of sophistication to every room.

11.  Background Music

A little background music can go a long way in setting a cozy mood for your home interior. Play instrumental music with no lyrics to avoid distracting from your conversation with friends or family. Whether you prefer classical music, a soft jazz tune, or heartwarming music with a slow tempo, ensure that your selection makes you feel relaxed and happy.

12.  Warmer Metals

Opt for warmer metals such as gold, copper, and bronze instead of silver or chrome when decorating your home for coziness. These metals will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Go for light fixtures, furniture, curtain rods, and plumbing fixtures that incorporate warmer metal detailing and embellishments in their designs.

13.  Fireplaces

Imagine snuggling up on the couch with your favorite blanket, in front of your fireplace in cold weather. If there's one thing that says cozy more than anything else, it is a fireplace! Not only do they warm up a space, but they also provide a focal point for gatherings with friends and family.


Apartment in NYC "Winter Escape", Behance, via Pinterest.

If you do not have a built-in fireplace in your home, consider installing a fireplace insert, or a portable fireplace in your design. It may just be what's missing from your home interior.

14.  Antique and Vintage Pieces

Having a blend of old and new in your interior design can make it more homely and inviting. Accessorizing with antique and vintage pieces that have character and charm make great additions to any space. You can source antique and vintage pieces affordably from antique shops or garage sales. Retro picture light models with metallic finishes and antique designs are an easy way to add an antique touch to your cozy living room and other living spaces.

15.  Harmony

Creating coziness in your home interiors requires harmony in your design ideas. Make sure everything is complementary and fits well collectively when paired with other elements in the room. Go for a color-coordinated palette, while also ensuring symmetry and balance in your layouts and arrangements. From the colors to the patterns and textures, all items in the room should be cohesive and flow together nicely.

16.  Accent with a Pop of Color

If you're looking to add a splash of color, particularly in a space dominated by neutral colors, incorporating a few pops of color in your accent pieces can bring it to life. Use bold colors in small doses to avoid overwhelming the room. Bright paint on one accent wall and vibrant accents in throw pillows, artwork, or furniture upholstery can make a huge difference. It is all about adding dashes of color in unexpected places.

17.  Add Wallpaper

Install wallpaper to your blank walls where possible, to add them texture and dimension as well as an element of warmth, character, and interest that traditional paint can't provide.

There's something about wallpaper that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Whether it is patterned in stripes, florals, geometric shapes, or plain textural designs, wallpaper is an effortless way to change up or boost the feel of any room. If you are looking for a bold statement piece for your cosy living room idea, try installing wallpaper on only your accent wall in a color and pattern that matches your design style.

18.  Add Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors in your interior design can serve as a brilliant way to add warmth to your home interiors. In addition to making rooms appear larger, mirrors can reflect your artwork, natural light, golden sunsets and sunrises, warmly painted walls, and your warm accent lighting when strategically placed, making your home a little cozier.

SOHO-NOHO, Behance, via Pinterest.


19.  Add Rounded Elements

Rounded furniture, such as ottomans, armchairs, coffee tables, lampshades, and couches, can help to soften the look of a room and make it feel more personal and welcoming. In fact, Feng Shui recommends visually smoothening the sharp corners and edges in your rooms with rounded, arched, and circular accessories for good apartment therapy. Rounded edges and shapes are softer on the eyes, giving your home an inviting feel that is hard to resist. Consider integrating circular light fixtures, rugs, pillows, curved vases, and other decorative items in your spaces.

20.  Transitional Spaces

Corridor Design in Kuwait City, Behance, via Pinterest.


Your transitional spaces do not have to be boring. They are just as easy to decorate as other areas in your house, and will add to the coziness of your home! Try adding a plant, a well-illuminated artwork, an antique mirror, or a decorative warm light fixture to your entryways and hallways to make them more welcoming. A console table with vases and flower arrangements against a textured wallpaper will instantly add character to your home.  

Enjoy Designing Your Inner Sanctum 

Try out the above decorating tips and ideas to create cozy home interiors that are truly yours. Remember, there is no one right way to make your space feel cozy and welcoming! Personalize your home décor, add more character to it and let it reflect what makes you happy. Go for customized pieces and warmer tones, represent lights in your design, and create a homely space. When in doubt, hire an interior designer to help you refine your design ideas.

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Winny Okoth is a practicing Construction Project Manager and Interior Designer. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Construction Project Management. Winny Okoth has a great passion for every form of design as well as 3D visualization skills for architectural and interior design.