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A Refined Approach: We Help You Light Your Art

At Perfect Picture Lights our years of advising designers and art lovers the world over have refined our approach to talking about artwork lighting and display light fixture design.  Here at Perfect Picture Lights we look at everything about a fixture, from overall design to aesthetic functionality and quality of manufacture.  We also spend considerable time delving into each track and wall light ’s technical features.  Our customer service philosophy is that our customers can make the best choices when we take the time to find out what their art lighting situation is and then explain all their options.  

How Does Our Website Create Such An Informed Customer Experience?

We always ask ourselves, “How can these art lighting fixtures’ features be explained by their benefits to viewing art or to displaying artwork?”  We answer this question by doing the work to learn about our products.  We can walk you through your decision making by explaining the fixtures. We can tell you what to ask of your electrician.  

What Is New & Exciting At Perfect Picture Lights?

As of September of 2021, we are adding a new collection of track lighting for artwork.  This is an exciting collection of new options, many of which you may never have imagined!

When it comes to track head fixtures, led art lighting frame projectors, or even monopoints (imagine an art spotlight, designed to be embedded in the ceiling, with unique art lighting features and directionality), we can tell you the different attributes each type brings to lighting art.  We can also tell you about dozens of track head accessories and the different ways that their effects could enhance art display.  

We are enthusiastically exploring the possibilities of the WAC track lighting collection.  Check out our latest videos sharing our hands-on demonstrations.  We enjoy providing this meaningful do-it-yourself content to encourage our customers to explore and learn while making informed art lighting decisions.

Our History of Educating Our Customers

We can help you light your paintings because we have spent years advising people about plug-in and direct wire fixtures.  We led the way on educating customers about led picture light qualities and options. We tell you what you need to know so that you can evaluate whether your particular usage requirements would allow you to choose battery picture lighting, or whether you should focus on plug-in or direct wire picture lighting options.  We explain the benefits of led options and the differences between incandescent and led bulb replacements.    

Whether we consider ceiling lights, monopoints, LED trackheads with framing projectors, or fixtures that hang on your wall as plug-in picture lights of fine design, we are always evaluating the fixtures we sell in terms of  how they light up your art!

LED Technology – Why Is It Still Evolving?

When LED picture lights were first available the LED technology emitted 3000K 85 CRI light.  The earliest LED picture light emitted “bluish” light, more like 4000K and higher, so the arrival of 3000K 85CRI LED arrays seemed a miracle, at least it did then.  When LED art lighting became available (around 2010) we spent a lot of time talking to people about the differences between 3000K and 2700K.  Back then it often seemed very alien to people who had never had a light other than the comforting yellowish white of incandescent light which is rated at 2700K.  Also, the early LED arrays for art lighting were not dimmable.  This was a big problem with the led picture lights, in those early years.  As technology changed, we continued to make sure our customers understood their options.  The early limitations on led lamp technology were resolved.  Now we have dimmable 2700k led picture lights.  Now we have options.  You have options.  We can explain to you what those options mean!  That is how we do business at Perfect Picture Lights.  

Authority, Integrity, and Authenticity

We created our website as an extension of the way we give information to people when they call. Most astonishingly, we have created a Virtual Demo Room on our site. We are so proud of it!  This virtual demo room allows you to upload a photo of your wall with the artwork on it.  The “Virtual Demo Room” first lets you adjust a virtual art light shade above your own artwork until you find the size and finish color that will work best for your room, decor, artwork, frame, etc.  The Virtual Room has tools, so that you can adjust the light effects; there is even a tool that shows you what the room will look like in the dark, with a lamp glowing on your very own art.  Here is one example from the virtual room in the evening.  While the virtual feature is very cool, we created our website as an information rich authority site by providing all the mounting directions, line drawings, and specifications that we can for each product.  We have some product demo videos up here and there are more on the way!  Our goal is to help our customers find picture lights or other styles of display light fixtures that work for their artwork, their location, and their design flow.

All in all, we think you will find it is well worth spending your time looking around Perfect Picture Lights!  If you are an art lover we hope you will be intrigued by the interesting art history articles we feature on our blog!  We are very proud of our sometimes quirky and always art focused content.  We want to applaud as we launch our first “Fresh Canvas” curated artist video interview and multimedia production.  Our first artist interview is up already, and we are working on our second interview which will post soon.

As a small business we have been on the internet since 1996!  We have stayed small, but we are very proud of our “early adopter” longevity as online niche retailers.  We pride ourselves on our small business essence and integrity.  We have probably missed growth opportunities, but we never compromise our goal of helping people find quality fixtures to light their paintings in their homes.